Well, this has been a long time coming…

I first started my YouTube channel, EnjoyTheGaming, December 28th 2011. My goal was rather simple: have fun while playing video games. At first I created some short gameplay videos that had commentary tracks with terrible audio quality, music cues that were poorly implemented, intros that went on for too long… Just watch this to understand the quality of my first videos:

Funny in all the worst possible ways. Then I started incorporating a webcam, stopped using Windows Movie Maker and upgraded to Vegas Pro, until I started making video game reviews (the first being for Huntsman: The Orphanage, September 16th 2013). I started making more and more video game reviews, and the quality got increasingly better.

Right now I am rewatching most of my videos, seeing which ones have been seen the most, which have been hated the most, and which I am most proud of. It is quite emotional, to say the least.


Now we get to the meat of the argument. I had always wanted to review movies, but never had the courage nor motivation to do so. I created a channel a while back (called EnjoyTheReviews), on which I uploaded only three reviews before completely abandoning it, and even tried making a movie review of American Sniper in January 2015, but I was not satisfied of the final product.

On September 26th 2015 I watched with my closest friend the masterful Sicario, and I loved that movie so much that I finally decided to make a review of it.

Since then, in less than two years, I have uploaded over 100 movie reviews of both indie and blockbusters, new and old classics. The more movie reviews I uploaded, the less gaming videos I made. In my mind, I felt like I welcomed a new audience and betrayed the older one. I wouldn’t be surprised if some subscribers who came exclusively for game reviews were put off by the bigger emphasis on movies. But I cannot deny how much I adore talking about movies: they have always been my deepest passion, ever since I was a little kid, watching westerns and adventure flicks with my family on Sunday evenings.


After this short journey on the story of my channel (which has now become this blog in which I can better express my feelings and thoughts), I have finally decided to change my name to EnjoyTheMovies.

This is no easy change for me. I had always been Sherlock Van Helsing from EnjoyTheGaming, and abandoning all that feels like saying goodbye to a friend you know you are never gonna see again. But this is for the best: the channel is officially going to focus on movies rather than video games. I will keep uploading game reviews and related content, don’t worry about that.


The change isn’t only name related: I am going to make more analyses of movies, as well as adding short skits at the beginning of my videos. Another goal of mine is to start creating short movies, which would be uploaded for free on YouTube for all to enjoy.

I am also starting a Patreon page (you can find the link in the Contacts page) where you can freely support my projects and help my quality grow.


I am so thankful to all those who have stayed with me during the years, to all the new followers and subscribers, to those who like and dislike my content… I am thankful to each and every one of you who is reading this post. Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart.


This is not the end… it is only the beginning.